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Creation Care

Planet Earth Sunrise

     God made us in His own image and gave us dominion over creation. Our dominion is a result of being created in the image of God and as we exercise dominion in creation we imitate God. God is the majestic, powerful, sovereign God who creates. That’s how we as human beings are represented in Genesis 1. We have a kingly calling; a royal calling. We, not in the absolute sense in the way God rules, but we rule like God rules. We create with a small “c”. He creates from nothing we create in a different sense. The picture of our role as having dominion over creation is a parallel of what is said about God in Genesis 1. We’re not on the same level as God, but under His authority. So, we have a kingly calling – we are to rule over creation. Therefore, it is appropriate to use creation for the benefit of humanity since every human being is created in the image of God.

Planet Earth     In Genesis 2, we learn of God as God who is concerned about His creation; God who comes into the Garden of Eden to care for and have fellowship with His creation. God creates Adam and Eve and gives Adam the job of tending and keeping the garden – to care for it. Just as the picture of God in Genesis 1 reflects our role as human beings in having dominion, so now the picture of God in Genesis 2 is reflected in the job that God gave Adam to do. God is concerned for His creation and we, as His vice regents, should tend to it and care for it. This is the double sided coin: dominion and care and concern so that we don’t abuse creation.

- Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Jr.     

Flowing Creek and Rocks

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